It is more than just dance It's family and traditions

Our Mission


Clan Rince School of Irish Dance is a family-oriented studio deeply rooted in the San Diego community. We are dedicated to all of our students whether you dance recreationally or competitively. Training students to reach their individual goals and feel successful is our priority. Our teaching style isn’t the same for every student because everyone learns differently.

We are passionate about what we do and we provide a positive environment in which to learn traditional and contemporary Irish dance. Our dancers love coming to dance class and we love teaching.

Our Beginnings


Clan Rince (pronounced clan rinka) is Gaelic for dance family. Clan Rince has been serving San Diego since 1998. Our name Clan Rince is to reflect our school’s family oriented spirit. We have two locations, Kensington, in one of San Diego's historical neighborhoods and San Marcos serving the northern San Diego and coastal communities.

In 1998, Clan Rince was established by North American Champion, Jeannie Thornton, ADCRG at their current location on Adams Ave in Kensington. The north county location was added shortly after because of the enormous growth.  Her student, Alisa Dosch, ADCRG, joined the teaching staff in 2006. Together they teach full time in both studio locations. Clan Rince teaches children and adults, age 5 and up. Clan Rince students participate in competitions, performances, parades and community service.  Whether you want to dance for fun or exercise with friends or you desire to compete at a regional, national or international level we have a program for you.

Our Qualifications


Jeannie and Alisa are registered teachers ( T.C.R.G.) and adjudicators (A.D.C.R.G.) with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin, Ireland, known as the CLRG. The CLRG is the governing body that regulates competitions and examinations and helps maintain the highest standard and integrity of Irish Dance worldwide.